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K.i.r.t.a.n Live music from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Join to welcome Kirtan for the first time! Call 805 845 7656 to make reservations

Born and raised in the Mantiqueira forests of Brazil, K.i.r.t.a.n is a new age artist who loves singing mantras, making new lyrics and melodies for songs, jamming and having a good time. He grew up in a Hare Krishna farm in the countryside of São Paulo and music gradually started to arrive in his life. "I remember leading my first kirtans at the temple gatherings still as a small boy, playing my first songs on the guitar, learning Santo Daime and Umbanda chants, composing my first songs, dreaming of reaching out to the world in a loving musical way", says K.i.r.t.a.n.

His music brings you in contact with the best inside yourself, the love, the beauty, the uniqueness that waits for your embrace. His lyrics are from the soul, sweet and simple and they can make you aware of the energies around you, get in touch with your own light and just be peaceful. It can be through a Ganesh Mantra, a song for Iemanjá and Oxum, a folk/country song that reminds you of this beautiful day, a bossa nova that takes you on a sweet dance, or even through a classic Maha Mantra beat. All these ingredients will get together and touch your heart, reaching out for the best inside you that connects with the best inside all of us. We are closer to each other than we think. We are more powerful than we think. The present moment is all that exists to be experienced with love and playfulness.

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