Brasil Arts Cafe

a piece of Brasil in Santa barbara



Brasil Arts Cafe offers the perfect blend of traditional Brazilian fare & one-of-a-kind AçaiJuice, and Smoothie creations.



Brasil Arts Cafe aims to promote Brazilian culture to the Santa Barbara community by way of food, dance and movement, atmosphere, and excellent customer service. We will focus on high quality, locally sourced meats and produce as well as energetic, fun, and elevating fitness and music classes for kids, teens, and adults.



(805) 845-7656



1230 State Street Ste C    Santa Barbara,CA 93101



M-Sa 9a–9p
Su 10a–6p


Organic Acai, Organic Smoothies and Juices, Organic Coffee, Bulletproof Coffee, Organic Teas...YUM

Welcome to a magical place where animal lovers get to cuddle and play with adoptable shelter cats in a coffee-house like environment. Not only does it help to get more cats out of shelters (making room for them to rescue even more lives), but it is also guaranteed to make your day!! Trust us on this one.

It is like totally scientifically proven impossible to be in a bad mood inside Cat Therapy. 

hat do you do at a cat cafe? Well, you cuddle and play with cats, take some purrsonal time to read a book or study, celebrate special occasions, pet cats, get to know cats, meditate with our cats, spend your lunch time with cats, get the idea? :)

f you're feeling a little hungry or thirsty from all the CUTENESS OVERLOAD, here's what we'll do:

We have a purrfectly crafted menu selection from another magical place called Brasil Arts Cafe. You tell us what you want when you're checking in to your reservation, we'll take your order and bring it over to you, all while you continue having the best time ever. 

Yeah, no food is made or stored in-house, do not worry! 

Oh and by the way, all of our cats come from local shelters and will be up for adoption. This means that if you fall in love, you can take your new soulmate home (unlike the human world).  By providing people with a different platform to connect with rescued cats, we hope to raise the adoption rates in Santa Barbara.

So...if hanging out with friends in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by FUZZY AND LOVING ADOPTABLE CATS sounds like your cup of tea, then we suggest you go to our booking page RIGHT MEOW.

Doesn't this sound pawsome?!



Bac is now serving acai, juices, & coffee at cat therapy Sb

All bookings made with Cat Therapy Sb, click the link below


 Samba Dance Academy, Live Version in the American Riviera


Samba Dance Academy in the American Riviera is the live, in studio extension of the Online Samba Dance AcademyHere dancers get to experience and learn Samba in the studio under the guidance of Vanessa Isaac and incredibly accomplished guest artists from all over the world. We are launching our first season and you don't want to miss learning from those exceptional guests. Classes sponsored by and held at Brasil Arts Cafe (Home of delicious Brazilian food!) 

Check below the dates and make your reservation today, space is limited. We hope to dance with you very soon!

For those out of town you can still dance with us. Please go to our Samba Dance Academy ONLINE by going here

* Click HERE for our weekend Samba workshops. For our Performance Workshops please go here